Internet Marketing

Meet the power of targeted promotion on the internet, the necessary
procedures and the needed tools that will lead your website to success.
A product, no matter how good it is, needs the extra push to become known and accepted by consumers. In the case of the internet the main "product" that needs promotion is initially your website and successively the products and services that are provided through it.

Internet marketing, Digital marketing, Web marketing, Social media marketing, Web promotion, Online marketing, Web advertising... whatever the definition, the target remains the same and that is the enrichment of your web presence through the internet.

The success of this promotion is based on a range of products and Services, as we shall see below, that are an integral part of the techniques used to promote a website. Individually they can bring positive results, but all together they can be the key to success.

Social Networking

Social Media is comprised of groups of people that could be interested in your products and services. It is necessary therefore to create a presence in them and through Social Networking promote your website, products and services.

Your business profile presence in Social Media and the active participation in them will help you win new customers and strengthen your relationship with existing customers.

It is important to understand the potential of social networks and the unlimited possibilities they can offer in reaching millions of consumers with a simple "click".

Indicative, here are some of them with some useful information.
Facebook - 1,100,000,000 (Estimated unique monthly visitors).
YouTube - 1,000,000,000 (Estimated unique monthly visitors).
Twitter - 310,000,000 (Estimated unique monthly visitors).
LinkedIn - 255,000,000 (Estimated unique monthly visitors).
Pinterest - 250,000,000 (Estimated unique monthly visitors).
Google Plus - 120,000,000 (Estimated unique monthly visitors).
Instagram - 100,000,000 (Estimated unique monthly visitors).

All companies should dedicate part of their promotional campaign to establish a strong presence in social media and expand its social network to reach as many consumers are possible.

Google Ads

The Google search engine is undoubtedly the most popular search engine worldwide and Google Adwords the most popular and largest online advertising platform. Google Adwords, allows you to display an advertising message about your services or products in a unique position before, beside and below the organic results of Google’s search engine.

In Analog Web Solutions, we check the position of your page in relation to the top pages in the search engine results on the relevant keywords. Then identify the weak points in the code of the page and make the necessary improvements (on page SEO). This is a necessary process so that the campaign will bring the desire results.

Even if you have created your own Google Adwords campaign, we can undertake optimizing and monitoring it. Within a few minutes we can identify common mistakes and correct them, achieving a dramatic reduction of cost per click, resulting in the same visitors for less money or more visitors for the same money.

Facebook Campaign

Facebook has become a daily routine in consumer life and is now regarded part of "main-stream" media. It cannot be ignored by any business. In Analog Web Solutions we have the experience to help you use the power of Facebook through targeted campaigns.

Each Facebook campaign can target different demographic groups by selecting the appropriate options, maximizing the effectiveness of your advertising investment. In conjunction with proper analysis of results and optimization of the conversion rate of your site, this increases the chances of success of your advertising campaign on Facebook.

Twitter Ads

A recently introduced promotion service offered by Twitter, one of the most known and established social network around the internet with millions of user visits per day.

With Twitter Ads, you have full control of your investment budget while you can choose your target audience according to their interests, gender, device, geography location or even according to your current follower’s similarities. You also have the option to start or stop your campaign at any time, while there is no minimum amount to spend policy.

Twitter Ads Campaign is a “fresh” service and is considered as a promising promotion tactic which can effectively help your business goals.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the most effective and economical ways to promote your business, regardless of size and type of business.

Researchers have shown that Internet users check their email altleast once every day. It's a communication channel accessible to every company and with proper use can achieve excellent results.

In Analog Web Solutions we have all the necessary tools for creating and managing E-mail marketing, so that you can maximize the benefits of a succesful E-mail campaign.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of Google's top services which offers detailed information on website traffic. Proper use of Google Analytics can significantly improve the performance of your digital marketing investment in advertising.

Indicatively, through this service you can see how visitors arrived at your website, the time spent in which internal page and many more information that can help you when optimizing your site.

We can help you correctly utilise this useful tool to track daily traffic to your website, see the points that are attracting more visitors and create an environment that will increase traffic to the rest of your website.