Strategic Planning

The integrated approach and the application of tactics which lead to success.

Technology enables each company to have website.
The design options, construction methods and web development are many and varied.
However, some basic questions remain the same.

What kind of website does your business really need?
What are the qualities that will make it more efficient?
In order to provide the ideal solution for any customer’s unique needs, we always follow specific steps in analyzing, developing and implementing each project. A strategy which always results in achieving your company's targets.
Analysis and clarification of your business objectives and the selection of the actions to achieve them through the website.
Recording of your business competition, so the new website, gain precedence and advantage.
Selection of the capabilities to be integrated in the project and the choice of the visual style that will highlight your company's identity.
The choice of promotion services for your website and the selection of promotional solutions and material that will be used.
The selection of your website's support services and its improvement with new technologies that will be integrated in the future.
Create a plan for the detailed project development costs and calculation of delivery time to go online.
Together we create the main guidelines of the project. In direct contact with your business, we define and record your requirements and implementation process to be followed. With this open communication channel a project team is created consisting of our managers and executives of your company.

It is important to understand that your website is the digital face of your business. We must therefore create proposals for the graphic layout of the website, based on the colors and the philosophy of your corporate presence. This digital face is the first and often the only chance to create a lasting impression in the eyes of millions of Internet consumers. It is said that, visitors form their opinion of a site within 6 or 7 seconds. So, in minimum time, the appearance should convince visitors that they found a website that meets their expectations, inspires confidence and gives them value.

Our cooperation does not stop with the delivery of your website. We are always next to you monitoring your webpage, ready to implement any new marketing tactics or to deploy a new strategy plan to approach customers.