Mobile Application

The new must of any modern business that can enhance your company
and give your profile a leading character.

Official figures show an impressive growth of the market for mobile applications, which will be even more intensified in the next few years, since the users of "smart" phones and tablets are growing rapidly. Actually, smartphones tend to eliminate conventional mobile phones as their prices are increasingly reduced, making them more accessible.

Users value both operational and recreational experience with mobile applications. At the same time, modern business demands require executives and employees to exchange data with company's information system, even when they are in external works.

Speaking about development of mobile phone applications, we can refer either to the development of autonomous application, or to the development of a complementary application to a website.
What you get by investing in such an application?

An opportunity to reach more customers.

The creation of an effective, affordable and convenient tool for promoting your company's activities.

The relation between costs – effectiveness, ensures high return on investment.

It gives you access to your business systems from anywhere.

Following industry developments and bearing in mind the satisfaction of our customers, we design high quality mobile applications for smart phones in all known platforms like IOS, Android and Windows. We have the necessary knowledge to help you identify and analyze your business needs and set the appropriate goals and functions that should be performed by your application. We set the strategy followed by the development of the mobile app, to have the best results for your business.

The Analog Web Solutions team has the experience and the appropriate background to undertake the development of your application for any of the major operating systems for mobile devices, iOS (iPhone and iPad) Android or Windows in native or hybrid format. We make sure we stay up to date with the latest developments in mobile devices and modern trends in application development.

Our goal is to develop a fully functional and user friendly application, with an aesthetically beautiful interface, which will closely follow the standards that are set by Apple and Google respectively and will achieve your goals and expectations.

Let the technology lead you and give your business the glamour it deserves while increasing your customers base and profitability. Elevate your company profile to another business level and enjoy the benefits a Mobile Application can offer you.